Im here to help you become the person you need to become in order to manifest your DREAMS, GOLAS, and DESIRES

Hey! I'm Brian

I 'm an entrepreneur, speaker, and author

At the age of 19 myself and my family were evicted from our apartment in New York and had to live 4 of us in a family members livingroom.

At this point I had two options I could either crumble under the pressure of the situation or I could change and become new. I decided to become new, and through this produced my first book at the age of 19 titled "get in my head" the thoughts you should be thinking in order to manifest the changes you want in your life"

Through that process I have learned that in order to have more out of life you must become more and in order for things to change you have to change. So now I spend my time helping pelple become the person they need to be in order to achieve their Dreams Goals and Desires  


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